6th Grade Summer Reading

  • Summer Reading Assignment STEP ONE

    Reading, like any skill, improves with practice. So, over the summer, we recommend that you try to read a little bit, every day! Our 6th great summer reading requirement is that you read at least TWO novels of your choice, that are at an appropriate reading level for YOU. Graphic novels are OK. Audiobooks are OK, but I recommend having a hard copy of the book also (it's good to alternate reading and listening, even if you only read a little). Here are some resources to help you choose your books:

    6th Grade Favorites- Books that have been loved by 6th graders, year after year. 

    6th Grade Book Reviews 2020 - A slideshow containing 28 book reviews by 6th graders.

    6th Grade Book Reviews - 2019 - A slideshow containing 34 book reviews by 6th graders.

    6th Grade Book Reviews - 2018 - A slideshow containing 47 book reviews by 6th graders.

    Good Reads Reading Lists - This website has great book lists.  You can type in the name of a book you love, and find others like it.

    Summer Reading Assignment STEP TWO

    For one of the books you read, write a 27 word summary. That’s it, just 27 words! However, it can be tricky getting to exactly 27, so you have to choose your words carefully. Try to summarize the main idea of the book while also creating interest in the novel. Put your summary on the top of a 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper. Under the summary you will create a color-symbol-image chart based on your book. You will:

    -Choose a color to represent your book and explain WHY you chose the color.

    -Choose an symbol to represent your book and explain WHY you chose this symbol.

    -Draw or find an image to represent your book and explain WHY you chose this image.

    You may complete this assignment on a computer or draw it by hand. Bring this to ELA class during the first week of school (due 9/11/20) to get a 100% on your first reading assignment of the year.  There are two examples below.

    Happy Reading!!  From Skye and Amy

Color, Symbol, Image

Color, Symbol, Image
Last Modified on June 21, 2020