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    Posted by Lisa Magnarelli on 6/1/2020

    Hello EVERYONE,


    This week in art, everyone will be creating a tee shirt design for the....


    2020 Kids Day

    Martha's Vineyard striped Bass and Bluefish Derby


    I love this contest, I love the derby.

    And if you win you get $20 and your design goes on the kids day derby tee shirt!!


    derby front


    ***There are a few rules for this contest and you have to follow them if you want your design to be considered for the tee shirt so let's go over them...


    1) You MUST use a 9"x12" piece of paper. Regular printer paper is perfect!!

    2) You can only use three colors but you can also use black to outline your art or letters

    3) You MUST have all of these words in your design."2020 Kids Day" and "Martha's Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby"

    4) On the back of your paper, you must write your first and last name, your school, your grade, and a phone number (because if you win, the derby would like to call you and tell you!)

    5) Return all artwork to the school, please place your work in the green bin in front of the school. (if it's rainy, please put your work in a plastic bag)

    6) The last day to bring this artwork to school is June 22nd. You can bring your art to school earlier  if you are finished.


    Below are the official contest rules...check them out.

    derby rules


    Here are some past winners....


    Notice the black lines around the letters to help them pop out..



    Notice "Martha's Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby" and "Kid's Day 2014" are embedded in the design.

    ** But you would write 2020***


    O.K., get going and make a really cool t-shirt design for the kid's day derby!!

    I can't wait to see them!!!

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