• Oil Pastel project

    Posted by Lisa Magnarelli on 9/21/2020 12:00:00 PM

    Oil Pastel Project

    Shading and Value




    Hello 7th graders,


    Over the next several days you will need to either take a picture or find a picture of something you feel strongly about (and is school appropriate :)).

    Your photo needs to be monocromatic (containing or using only one color) and have high contrast (a big difference between bright highlights to dark shadows).

    Value is just a fancy art word for light and dark, relative to each other. Think: black and white photographs. Value refers to the relative lightness and darkness of shapes in a composition. 

    Value contrast refers to the amount of contrast between two areas of different value. It’s the relationship between a light area and a dark area.

    There can be high contrast (a big difference between light and dark) and/or low contrast (not a big difference between the light and dark). The effect of high value contrast is that it really pops. That's what we are doing!!!


    Once you have found the perfect image for you, please email me at school.

    Have fun and see you nexr week. 



    High contrast sphere with ligh sorce on the upper right hand side of the paper. Notice the value scale at the botton of the paper.





    example of a monochromatic photograph of a flower.





    examples of high contrast photographs.



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