• March 14th, 2022 7th and 8th graders

    Posted by Lisa Magnarelli on 3/13/2022 8:00:00 AM

    Hello 7th and 8th graders,



    Today, in art, y'all going to be making Op art.


    You have three choices of what to draw.

    You can follow the step by step directions on this post or you can scroll to the bottom where there are two links to two other Op-art projects.

    You MUST choose one and complete it today. 

    When completed, sign your name to your work and hand it into the sub.


    O.K. let's get going!



    Op art is short for optical art, art that makes your eyes go crazy and your stomach flip.

    Click here  for a great introduction to Op art, but I warn you, your eyes may hurt after!!


    Now that you are back, this is what we are learning about and making today. Op art.

    *Op Art Shaded Shapes

    Op Art Shaded Shapes Lesson Plan. KinderArt.com


    What You Need:

    • 9″x12″ white paper, or something close
    • Sharpie markers or black marker
    • pencil, crayons or markers


    *Start by drawing a curved line across the paper with a Sharpie marker.  Think rolling hill… not roller coaster!

    Op Art Shaded Shapes - Step 1. KinderArt.com

    *Add 8 dots across the line.

    They should be different lengths apart.

    You need a dot close to the edge of your paper on both side.

    Op Art Shaded Shapes - Step 2. KinderArt.com

    *Start connecting the dots with bumps.

    The lines from the dots close to the edge will go off the edge of the paper to an imaginary dot.

    Op Art Shaded Shapes - Step 3. KinderArt.com

    *The lines will eventually go off the top and bottom of the paper as well.

    Op Art Shaded Shapes - Step 4. KinderArt.com

    *Fill in the entire paper.

    Op Art Shaded Shapes - Step 5. KinderArt.com

    Pick a group of colors you feel work well together (2 or 3 colors). 

    Purple and orange, blue and yellow, green and red......

    *Using pencil, crayons, or markers, fill in the spaces. Press harder in the corners to make it darker, to make it look like it is further away, in shadow. As you get near the top of each bump, press lighter and lighter, to make it look like it is closer and the light is touching it a bit, a highlight.

    Op Art Shaded Shapes - Step 6. KinderArt.com

    *Continue until the work is complete.

    Op Art Shaded Shapes - Step 7. KinderArt.com

    Op Art Shaded Shapes - Examples. KinderArt.com

    Crazy, right?? How are your eyes?


    Below are links to two more Op-art videos that I mentioned above. You may also choose one of these to work on today.  


    Have fun, learn lots and see you next week !!



    Op-art hand


    Op-art sphere popping out


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