Ms. Sue Miller

Phone: (508) 696-7738 ext. 400


Degrees and Certifications:

BA in Music Education and Music Therapy from Emmanuel College 1982: Ceritfied Music Educator and Music Therapist MA in Education from University of North Carolina at Charlotte 1986: Certifed Special Education Teacher and General Education

Ms. Sue Miller

Hello.  My name is Sue Miller and I teach 5th grade math and science.

I began my work in education over 30 years ago as a music educator and music therapist in Charlotte, North Carolina. While on that journey, I managed and lived in a group home for severely disabled men for three years. Concurrently, while I was working with students with special needs through music, I earned my master's degree and became a special education teacher.

I taught in North Carolina in public schools and eventually moved back to my childhood area of Mystic, CT to be closer to family. After teaching severely dyslexic students for 10 years, our family made the leap of faith and moved to the island where my parents own a cottage in Oak Bluffs.  Staying with special education for the next three years, I then had the desire to teach general education and was hired at the West Tisbury school to teach 5th grade, where I have been for the past 15 years.  

Fifth grade is an amazing grade to teach and I could not be happier in my current position of teaching math and science. I use a "Flipped Classroom" model for my math class. In this model, students watch a video at home that I have created using the Singapore Math curriculum. They have to "Watch, Summarize and Question," a process we call "WSQ". When they come to class the next day, we have a very quick review and then dive into math work.  This model works well in many ways but especially for letting students learn at their own speed.  They pause the teacher, rewind the teacher, and sometimes watch the lesson more than once.  When students are absent or are on extended vacations, they can keep up with the class. Prior to tests, they can review the entire unit.  

The flipped classroom model has recently grown into another initiative: Our School Academy.  I am supporting students in creating their own instructional videos to share on our school website.  Personalized learning, where students have voice and choice in their mode of learning and sharing their knowledge is a passion of mine.  I do believe that education needs to be more personalized so that students are engaged, invested, and can be authors in creating learning options for their peers.


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