• Welcome to

    the West Tisbury School

    Grades 6-8 Resource Room


    Special Education Teachers, Robyn Gurney and Amy Westburg lead the 6-7-8 Special Education Program.  

    The focus of this program and its services is to provide each student with the necessary skills in order to access the general curriculum.
    The goal of the Special Education Department is to promote individual student academic excellence, positive interpersonal development and encourage a collaborative and reflective learning environment where all students can actively participate in the daily life of the West Tisbury School and community.  Another important goal for each student is Progress not Perfection.  


    Please feel free to contact with any questions or concerns.

    We can be reached by email and/or phone every day(before 8:15AM or after 2:40PM)

    Robyn Gurney: rgurney@mvyps.org 508-696-7738 

    Amy Westburg:  awestburg@mvyps.org 508-0696-7738



Last Modified on July 16, 2020