GAMES DAY - Virtual Style
  • Welcome to the 2020 Games Day - Virtual style!

    WT Hawks community,

    On June19, the West Tisbury School will hold a virtual Games Day.

    Depending on the grade level of your child, we have set up several activities for them to do.

    For grades (K-1), we have a list of fun and engaging activities that each teacher will present to their class.

    For grades 2-5, a Games Day themed bingo card will be used. Teachers will send the cards out and students will form a line in any direction on the card by doing the activities in each square.

    6th grade​ friends will have an opportunity to participate fully or be helpers with some of our younger grades. Their cards will be posted in Google classroom. Look for an email from Joe for guidance on that.

    Fun Run!
    This is awesome! All students, regardless of age, are encouraged to complete the fun run portion of games day. This year we are asking students to complete a mile. There are so many ways we can do this. From walking with the family for a minimum of 15 minutes to training for a solid mile time, the fun run is just that - fun. Some grade levels have used an activity tracking sheet to help them train while others have just stayed incredibly active. Be creative! We want our students to get out and get some fresh air while accomplishing a new and challenging goal. Yet another form will be sent home asking students to “log your mile” This is a simple form that is filled out so we can see if your child accomplished this goal.


    • ●  What about my ribbon? We have ribbons! Just fill out the “log my mile“ form and bring it

      to the WT school between 11-1 on June 19th. If you have a bingo card, bring that too!

    • ●  How about a water slide? Well friends, I can’t pull that one off, but you will notice a water

      element on the bingo cards.

      Each teacher/ grade level may have a slightly different twist on what this looks like for them so pay attention to their specific instruction.

      Games day is such a wonderful tradition at West Tisbury School; we couldn’t let the end of the school year pass without having some sort of fun event/celebration. Of course, we all wish we could enjoy this great day at school, in the sun, with the entire WT community, but that will make the next time even more special.

Last Modified on June 11, 2020