Mountain Biking MV

  • Day 1:  The first trail was the Greenlands and the State Forest which is a total of 11 miles. The greenlands are a peice of land that the town of West Tisbury protected to preserve the clean water on the Vineyard. We started at The West Tisbury school and went across the street onto the bike path. Try to go biking in good weather because their is a lot of puddles in the rain. When your on the dirt trails the main hazards are sand and dirt. Difficulty level is a 4/10 because most of the trail was paved so it was easy to ride on.

    Day 2: The second trail we went to was Waskosim's Rock preserve in Chilmark which is six miles. The trail starts in the parking lot at Waskosim's. If you go biking in the rain at Waskosim's Rock you should go biking in good weather because in rainy weather the dirt will get muddy. There are some steep inclines in Tiasquam Valley where you have to lift your bike up them. Main hazards are tree roots and rocks. Difficulty level is a 8/10 because of the hazards and the steep inclines.

    A good recomendation for these trails are to bring a snack with you and a lot of water because there are very few places to buy food. There is also a decent cell signal for your phone on these trails.

    Day 3: The final trail we went to was on Chappaquidick which is 12 miles. "Chappy" is and island off of Edgartown that you have to take a ferry to get to the island. To start off you should park in Edgartown and bring your bike on the Chappy Ferry. You should ride your bike in good weather because of all the sand. A good place to sit down to have lunch is at Wasque Point. The main hazard on Chappy is sand, roots, and rocks depending on where your riding. Difficulty level is a 6/10 because of all the sand and roots.