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WTS Student Tech Update - 9/12: Returns, Device Agreements and Grades 4-8 Chromebook Distribution

WTS Student Tech Update - 09/12/20

This update will be the first of several in the next week covering tech-related topics and only applies to registered in-person and remote students.

Please read this update in it’s entirety.

This update will cover:

1) Spring 2020 Chromebook Returns

2) The WTS Student Device Loan Agreement

3) Grades 4-8 Student Chromebook Distribution Day - Tues 9/15/20, starting at 8am.

Important Note: Grades K-3 Teachers will be self-distributing devices to families next week and will communicate with you directly.


This year, every K-2 student will receive an iPad and every 3-8 student will receive a Chromebook.  In most cases 3-8 students will receive the same device they were assigned last year, except if it was damaged or upgraded. 

All devices have been thoroughly cleaned and updated.

We are strongly encouraging every family take a school-owned device.  During the school year, if your personally-owned device is not working, we will ask you to come to school to receive a school-owned device.

1) Spring 2020 Chromebook Returns

We are asking that any family that has not returned their Chromebook, Power Supply, and/or Case to contact me asap.  My email is David's Email

Your student will not be able to receive a device until you have contacted me and we have a plan for the return.

2) WTS Student Device Loan Agreement

We require all students receiving a device to digitally sign the WTS Student Device Loan Agreement. 

You will need to sign into our new WTS Help Desk using your student’s account.   

We have attached a tutorial here: WTS Helpdesk Tutorial (Incident IQ)

WTS Help Desk:

For account inquiries, please email Kate Athearn - Kate's Email


Important Note: Grades K-2 and 3 (Serpa) teachers will be self-distributing devices to families next week and will communicate with you directly.

We will distribute Grades 3 (McHugh) and 4-8 Chromebooks using our drive up method from the Spring, starting at 8am on Tues 9/15 in the following order by Last Name:

Please call the main number when  you arrive (508) 696-7738 , and give the Grade and First and Last Name of your student(s).

8am-9am - A-E

9am-10am - F-K

10am-11am - L-P


12pm-1pm - Q-U

1pm-2pm - V-Z