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JAck is BAck!!!

Jack is back! On October 19th, guest author Jack Gantos will be joining us for grades K-2 in the library. I will have a few of his books available for sale at a reduced price and he will autograph them. On October 20th, he will speak to grades 3-8 in the gym. There will be middle grade titles for sale too. Jack has visited our school before a multiple of times, the first year was 2002! He is worth having back! I have limited numbers of titles, so if you and your child is interested, please order soon. Jack is the recipient of numerous accolades, and his writing spans all age groups. Visit to learn more about Jack and his success. Titles and costs: Picture Books: Back to School for Rotten Ralph. $8.00 Rotten Ralph. $8.00 Early Chapter Book: Practice Makes Perfect for Rotten Ralph. $9.00 Joey Pigza Novels (grades 4 up) #1. Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key $8.00 #2. Joey Pigza Loses Control $8.00 #3. What Would Joey Do? $8.00 #4. I Am Not Joey Pigza $8.00 #5. The Key That Swallowed Joey Pigza $8.00 Jack Henry Novels (grades 4 up) Jack Adrift: Fourth Grade Without a Clue. $9.00 Jack on the Tracks:Seasons of Fifth grade $9.00 Heads or Tails: Stories from the Sixth Grade $9.00 Writing Radar: Using Your Journal to Snoop Out and Craft Great Stories $7.00