3rd grade-cardboard city

Posted by Lisa Magnarelli on 4/17/2020 5:00:00 AM

Hello 3rd graders,

Today is going to be a glorious day, sunny, warm, yeah. Get out there and play today!!!


You are going to make a city from a cardboard box or several cardboard boxes. There are about a million ways to do this, so you can NOT get it wrong.

Your city can be big or small, use one box or several, paint it or not, these things are up to you.

I would like you to have some windows and doors ( cut them out or draw them on) and some other details like the number of the building or a sign (Target, Animal Hospital, Candy Store...) 

I am going to show you several pictures of how some kids decided to do this project, you can use their ideas as a starting point or totally do your own thing, it is up to you. The main thing is to be creative and have fun.


you can go tall, notice the light coming out of the windows.

cat house caedboard

you can make a space for your cat, cool ramp into the house.

cardboard city

you can make roads and trees.


tall cb

tall again

flat cb

you can go flat, take the box apart and lay it flat. Draw lots of roads for your cars and make some street signs too.

cat cb

more space for your cats...how many cats do you have?back city

look at the clothes lines and stairs.


OMG, enough with the cats!!!


you can make a castle, look at the use of toilet paper rolls.


or a city with ladders instead of stairs.

fake city

or a city with people.


There are a million ways to do this. Think about what supplies you have, think about what a city looks like to you, think about your favorite thing about a city and have fun.


Please send pictures!!!


And I'll see y'all next week.



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