4th grade-fairy houses

Posted by Lisa Magnarelli on 5/13/2020 10:15:00 AM

Hello 4th graders,

Today is a great day to get outside and make art.. and that is exactly what you are going to do.

You, my friends, are going to go outside, gather materials from your yard, and make a fairy house!!


What is a fairy house you ask?

Fairy Houses are small structures for the fairies and woodland creatures. Ranging from simple to intricate (complex) ‘Fairy Mansions’.  


Here are some examples of wonderful Fairy Houses I found on the internet.

fairy house1

This house is built against a fallen tree limb.


fairy house2

Check out the beautiful flowers that add so much color...


fairy house 3

Notice all the different materials they used on this fairy house.....



Bark works well here.....


O.K.., now it's your turn....you need to....

 1) Go outside and collect wood, bark, sticks, leaves, moss, stones, flowers, pine cones, grass...anything you think you might need for your fairy house.


2) Find a spot to build your fairy house: against a tree, between tree roots, against a big rock... 


3) Think about the fairies or woodland creatures that will live in your house, what might they need....walls, roof, bed, walkway, garden....




4) Start building. 




Have a great week using your imagination and building an incredible home for a fairy or woodland creature.

Please send me pictures of your amazing work, I am really excited to see what all of you build!


See you next week!!!



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