• Welcome to The West Tisbury School

    Our school is located on the island of Martha's Vineyard, which is off the coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA. The island is roughly 20 by 10 miles in size, comprised of six towns, and two regional school districts. The West Tisbury School is a K-8 curriculum in the Up-Island Regional School District, which also includes the Chilmark School. The building is at 401 Old County Road in the rural woods and neighborhoods of West Tisbury.

    The WTS Vision

    We believe students must become independent, lifelong learners, with a strong sense of personal identity and an appreciation for the larger communities of which they are part.

    Our Philosophy

    The West Tisbury School encourages process and project-based learning experiences.  It also strives to promote a noncompetitive atmosphere where progress is judged on individual effort and achievement.

    We believe in and value:

    • A solid academic foundation for our students

    • Learning appreciated for its own sake

    • Education that includes basic human values and the rights and responsibilities associated with them

    • A safe and comfortable learning environment where each individual is respected and treats others with respect

    • Independent thinking and cooperative and inclusive learning

    • The unique and rural community of Martha’s Vineyard as an integral part of our learning environment

    Our Mission

    The West Tisbury School staff strives to provide a solid academic foundation, to inspire a love of learning for the sake of learning, to foster an understanding of basic human values with a working knowledge of the rights and responsibilities associated with those values, and to promote independent thinking through cooperative and inclusive learning while maintaining the unique values of our diverse, rural island community.

    We strive:  

    To teach solid academic skills,

    To instill a love of learning, and

    To promote an understanding of human values.