•  Molly to the Rescue!!

    Molly Cabral  

    Guidance Counselor               

     Grades K-4/Overall School Counselor


    Molly helps provide and oversee a variety of services and programs directed at the entire student body as well as towards individual students who have specific needs.

    Two important components of her work include our highly regarded whole school social curricula:

     - Responsive Classroom

     - RULER Approach to Social and Emotional Learning

    Molly facilitates the following.....
    •Individual student meetings
    •Lunch groups
    •Collaborative problem solving
    •Social skills groups
    •Bullying and harassment awareness and diversion programming
    •Consultation with students, parents, teachers, and administration
    •Referral to outside supports
    •Crisis Intervention

    Molly welcomes students to her office and encourages them to be in touch as often as needed. She also joins students in their classrooms, adding value to their classes and activities. If you have concerns or something to tell us about your child that may be helpful, please call or visit Molly. She would love to hear from you!

    Get in touch ......

    (508)696-7738 x406



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