• Kristine



    2019-2020 is my 8th year here at WT.  I am a registered nurse with expertise in school and community health, available to provide healthcare whenever school is in session.  I am also a parent in this school, as my son, Matthew, is a third grader here.  

    My primary mission is to provide exceptional healthcare services to support every student's academic success, as well as any staff member.  The WT School's comprehensive health program's purpose is to encourage the best possible health outcome for each student and to teach concepts to help them make responsible decisions regarding their own health in the future.  I collaborate with parents/guardians and staff to provide every possible educational opportunity for all students by providing services to support their health, well being, and safety in school.

    The WT School's comprehensive school health program includes screening procedures, protocols to prevent the spread of communicable diseases, emergency care, and procedures to facilitate school attendance for children with special health care needs.  With nursing assessment and intervention, more students are able to stay in school.  I often am able to identify health related barriers to learning, and collaborate with teachers to accomodate students with healthcare needs. There are times when I act as a liaison between schools and physicians and/or refer students to appropriate resources within the school or community.

    Please take the time to review the rest of my website pages, to better familiarize yourself with policies and support services, as well as the required student information and forms.

    It is a pleasure and a privelege to be an integral part of the West Tisbury School community.   I look forward to being a part of your child's school experience.  Please stay in touch and feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.



    Kristine Cammorata, RN