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  • Guide for when it’s too cold for kids to play outdoors

    Winter winds can be dangerous for kids when they’re outside. Use this guide to windchill — how cold it actually feels — to keep your child safe.

    Windchill: 32°F and up
    Verdict: It’s safe to play outside.
    Safety tip: Dress your child in layers, with a hat and mittens or gloves (and watch big kids, who may ditch their coats). Babies and young toddlers develop hypothermia faster than older children, so bundle them in one layer more than you would wear.

    Windchill: 13° to 31°F
    Verdict: Be cautious.
    Safety tip: It’s OK for your kid to be outside. But watch for signs that he or she is too cold, such as shivering or fatigue, and take indoor breaks every 20 to 30 minutes to warm up. Your kid’s body temperature will drop much faster if he or she gets wet, so swap soggy gloves and hats for dry ones.

    Windchill: Below 13°F
    Verdict: It’s unsafe for outdoor play.
    Safety tip: Keep him or her inside today. As the windchill factor approaches 0°F, there’s a serious risk of frostbite.