• Should Your Child Stay Home? achoooo  


    Consistent school attendance a key to your child's success in school.  Children should be present in school if they are healthy, rested, feeling good and are fever free.  There are certain circumstances, however, when your child should stay home from school.  The following information should give you direction when making the decision to send your child to school or keep your child home.  REMEMBER:  Your school nurse is an excellent resource, if you need any guidance or direction when making this decision.  Never hesitate to call and consult with me.

     ILLNESS:  Students receiving antibiotics for a contagious condition, such as strep throat must stay out of school until 24 hours of antibiotic therapy has been completed.  Excessive coughing and nasal discharge and generally not feeling well are indications that a child should stay home.

    FEVER:  If your child has a temperature of 100 degrees or above (taken orally) in the morning, it is recommended your child stay home.  Students should remain home for 24 hours after a fever has subsided without the use of fever-reducing medication such as acetominophen(Tylenol) or ibuprofen(Motrin).  If your child develops a fever during school hours, he/she will not be allowed to return to the classroom and will remain in the nurse's office until dismissed to a parent/guardian.

    RASH:  If your child develops a rash, please consult with the school nurse.  Rashes are very difficult to diagnose and many are viral in origin and should not prevent your child from attending school.  There are cases of breakthrough chicken pox disease and a few other diseases that would certainly influence your child's attendance in school and impact other students who may be medically compromised, so consultation with your school nurse is important.

    INJURY:  Any student who has sustained an injury that has been treated by a physician or in an emergency room and will have restricted activity for a limited period of time (cast, stitches, sprains, fractures, concussions, etc.), must bring a note from the physician stating the nature of the restrictions and when the student can resume participation in Phys Ed class, recess, and sports team play.  The student will not be allowed to return to Phys Ed and team sports until this note is received.  If your child sustains an injury, or you feel your child should limit his/her activity for 1-2 days, or that will affect their school performance, you will need to send a note to the nurse.