Middle School Athletics

  • We encourage all students to join one of our sports teams! Playing school sports is a perfect way to connect, build confidence and comraderie, and interact with other island students.  

    All students participating in intramural sports must complete a Head Injury Form BEFORE participating in any sports.

    ACADEMIC ELIGIBILITY:  West Tisbury students who are on a school sports team must maintain good academic standing in each class in order to be eligible to play. Good academic standing is determined by each individual teacher.  

    Each week during any particular sports season, student athletes are held accountable for their academic standing.  If a student athlete is performing below the academic standards for a particular class, that student will be put on the ineligible list at the end of the current given week. Those particular students will then be given an opportunity to make up any missing work or tests by Monday of the next week. If the student fails to do so , they are deemed ineligible for that entire week.

    Ineligible lists are generated every Monday during each sport/team season.