• Chromebook Audio Issues and Tips to Improve Sound.

    We have received several emails regarding sound issues on the Chromebooks.  The main issue being students cannot hear or be heard on Zoom.  I have had Zoom tech support sessions with several families to determine the root cause.  In every session, we discovered there was no functional audio issue with the Chromebooks that were tested.  Here are some tips to improve your audio experience.

    Things to check first:

    • Check to see if it is a headphone connection issue.  
    • Can you hear sound without headphones?
    • Check to see if the sound works when viewing a video
    • Are you only having issues when using Zoom? 

    Tips to improve sound quality:

    1. Wear headphones. Headphones help tune out external noises that can be distracting and removes computer speaker feedback.  
    2. Make sure the volume is turned up on your Chromebook.  Audio controls are on the top row of your keyboard on the right side.
    3. Unmute your Mic in Zoom.  When your teacher needs to hear you make sure your Mic is on.
    4. Sit Close to the Mic.  Make sure you are as close to the Mic as possible.  The Mic is a tiny little dot to the left of the camera on the top of your Chromebook screen.  

    When in Doubt, Ask for Help: If you are still having persistent audio issues with websites, Youtube or Zoom, please visit our help desk to request tech support.