• UPDATE: 9/23/20 -  M-Th shutdown time is now 10pm.  F-SU will remain 9pm.

    Chromebook Shutdown Policy (M-TH 10pm-6am and F-SU 9pm-6am)

    We initiated a shutdown policy on Thursday April 23rd.   

    All internet functionality will be disabled on the WTS Chromebooks M-TH 10pm-6am and F-SU 9pm-6am

    Shutdown Procedure:

    Please physically shut down your Chromebook on for before 10pm M-Th and before 9pm F-SU.  

    To shut down means, to fully power down the Chromebook using the settings menu in the lower right-hand corner of the Chromebook screen, or to gently press the power button down until the screen goes black. 

    Closing the lid does not shut down the Chromebook.

    A Restricted lock screen will appear during these hours and will stay there until the Chromebook is shut down completely.